The "ARQ Tride-N-Tru A-RANGE EQ AND CHANNEL STRIP PLUG-IN SUITE" emulates the finest reproduction of the original Trident A-Range Console! The ARQ makes use of a real analog reproduction channel from the console (it is considered "da king" of A-Range recreations!) The A-Range was the original concept production console that Trident designed to meet custom-requested standards. Each console was built with custom transformers, custom discrete op-amps at every stage, and a unique filter concept that became the signature for Trident for the next 3 "80" variations of this design.

    The A-Range was expensive to design and custom build. 3 of the remaining 4 original A-Range consoles have been used to compare the actual audio, and the consensus is that the A-Range reproduction represented in this Plug-In Suite is the ultimate example of the original console. It is truly "da King" of A-Range designs! The added EQ options and transformers are considered an upgrade; the cleaner and more dimensional Jensen input and output transformers.

    The "ARQ TRIDE-N-TRU A-RANGE EQ AND CHANNEL STRIP PLUG-IN SUITE for PC VST" consists of 6 Plug-Ins, all sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates.

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    The "TRIDE-N-TRU A-RANGE EQ AND CHANNEL STRIP PLUG-IN SUITE" contains individual programs for the High band, High-Mid band, Low-Mid band, Low band, and High/Low Cut eq's, and the console signal chain as a "preamp" from the Line Input and Mic Preamp, EQ engaged set flat on and off.

    Please read the manual for full details.

    I hope that you enjoy using this amazing classic design.

    God Bless You, Michael, CDS.