Mastering Samples

Below are some before/after examples of my previous mastering work.

Song 1 Before Mastering

Song 1 After Mastering

Song 2 Before Mastering**

Song 2 After Mastering**

Song 3 Before Mastering

Song 3 After Mastering

Song 4 Before Mastering*

Song 4 After Mastering*

Song 5 Before Mastering

Song 5 After Mastering

Song 6 Before Mastering*

Song 6 After Mastering*

Song 7 Before Mastering

Song 7 After Mastering

Song 8 Before Mastering*

Song 8 After Mastering*

Song 9 Before Mastering

Song 9 After Mastering

*Original Music, Lyrics, and Recording By Michael Angel
**Amazing vocals by my awesome wife Sharon!

All recordings above are copyright their respective owners. No Unauthorized Use. All rights reserved.