"Nice EQ" VST Plug-In


"Nice EQ" VST: Michael Angel, www.CDSoundmaster.com
"Powered By Nebula" Acqua Technology:
Acustica Audio, www.Acustica-Audio.com

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About The Technology



"Nice EQ" is a VST Audio Plug-In created for use with any Windows 32-Bit audio host. It has been tested to work with the most common current DAW platforms and audio editors under numerous combinations of routines. If your program supports VST Plug-Ins, you should be able to run this Plug-In. Should you run into any issues, please consult the "NICE EQ VST" forum on www.ClubVST.com.

Before installation, be sure to close all other applications, as they can conflict with the installation process. It is recommended to run a system back-up or system restore point before installing any new software.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Install "Setup" files one after another
2. Read and agree to terms
3. Choose vstplugins folder
4. Install and repeat for second "Setup"
5. Open a single instance of NICE EQ in your Host
6. Go to your vstplugins folder > subfolder CDSoundMaster
7. Email your NiceEQ.SER file to Michael@CDSoundMaster.com
8. Once your "SER" files is received, we will send you your "AUT" authorization file
9. Place your "AUT" file in your vstplugins>CDSoundMaster folder
10. Reload NICE EQ and Enjoy!

To install "NICE EQ", first unzip the folder where the two installation programs reside. You will be installing two complete Plug-In programs. To begin installation, double-click one of the two files called "Setup-NiceEQ-SS.exe" and "Setup-NiceEQ-VT.exe". Complete the installation process for one before opening the second.

You should read the information and choose agree if you have accepted the terms. You will choose the location for your VST Plug-Ins. This is usually something like "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins" but you are able to choose the location when installing.

Once both Plug-Ins are installed, they should automatically recognize in your DAW or audio editing program when it loads. You should now see "NICE_EQ_SS" and "NICE_EQ_VT" in your VST Plug-Ins list within your favorite audio program. But wait, we're not done yet! The Plug-In will not begin processing until you complete the simple authorization process.

When you first load either instance of the Nice EQ, it will automatically generate a serial file for you. You only need to authorize your NICE EQ programs one time for both Plug-Ins. The Plug-Ins will not run until you complete the authorization process.

Go to your vstplugins folder where you installed your NICE EQ's. You will see a subfolder called "CDSoundMaster". Usually, the path will be "C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins\CDSoundMaster".

Within this folder you will see a file labelled "NICE EQ.SER". This is your unique serial file that has been generated. Email this serial file to Michael@CDSoundMaster.com

We will email your authorization file. Place this "aut" file in the same folder as your "ser" file and reload the Plug-Ins(s) and you should now hear the EQ at work!


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System Requirements - Specifications


Windows® VST :
Recommended minimum system is an AMD Dual Core with at least 1 gig ram running Windows 7, XP, Vista (32bit), and an audio interface with sample rates from 44 kHz to 192 kHz. Preferred sample rate is 96kHz with unrivaled internal conversion to other rates.

Windows® Sequencers and Editors :
Sequencers and sound editors compatible with VST plug-ins. Most major DAW's have been tested and approved for compatibility.

Plug-In Format :

Operating System :
- Windows 7 (32bit)
- Windows XP (32bit)
- Windows Vista (32bit)

Authorization :
-Windows 7, XP, Vista (32bit) - Serial File/Authorization File

Sample Rates :
- Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported


*** NICE EQ works with backwards-compatible Direct-X (DX) wrapper conversion.

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"Now that you have authorized your NICE EQ, you are ready to use this stunning, musical eq for mastering and mixing. The most important thing when using NICE EQ VST is that you choose your track, audio file, or project sample rate before opening NICE EQ. When NICE EQ is opened, it will automatically read the reported sample rate and open all settings for that rate.

NICE EQ is created at 96kHz with sound data all the way down to 0Hz and higher than 23000Hz! If you are working at 96kHz, the Plug-In will open the quickest, as it does not have to convert to a different rate.

In addition to capturing the amazing frequency spectrum of this analog hardware eq, NICE EQ also provides even and odd harmonics. This is unique to both Solid State and Vacuum Tube versions of the Plug-In, as they both contain unique harmonic response in the same manner that eq character and shape are unique. To increase the amount of harmonic content and drive, you can increase the input control and reduce the output control to compensate volume. The amount of harmonic content or 'drive' increases with the input level and is measured at every frequency and gain level.

To return the control dials to the 12 o'clock position, use 'ctrl' and the left mouse click.

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About The Technology

"NICE EQ" is the result of an incredible amount of research, testing, and amazingly advanced technology. It may appear like just another Plug-In, but under the hood is a truly unequaled and complex system. The Acqua stand alone engine is based upon Acustica Audio's V.V.K.T., or Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology. This process has been developed over several years by Giancarlo at Acustica Audio in the form of their Plug-In called "Nebula". CDSoundMaster has been involved with beta-testing, creating orginal programs and libraries, writing copy and editing, customer support and community support for several years. For full details on this technology, please visit our Nebula page. We encourage you to register at Acustica-Audio.com and get the free version of Nebula. If interested in purchasing Nebula Commercial, please visit our CDSoundMaster software page and go to our Collections For The Nebula Plug-In where you will find numerous, extensive collections of the highest quality programs for the Nebula Plug-In.

The V.V.K.T. process allows for an intricate system of data to be read by a source and saved in a form that the program engine can then examine and create separate streams of information, and then essentially play back any of these details live, while processing any sound that passes through the engine with the resulting bits of sound data. It is like recording the frames of a movie, except that Nebula knows the difference between the colors red, green, and blue, and can give you individual colors in various saturation and combinations, or it can give you exactly what the original film provided. What this means in real terms is that if sampling an eq, for example, details of every frequency position, every gain level, etc are entered as data fields to be recorded. Then, step by step this information is fed to the translation engine, like plots or vectors. At each point, multiple complex bits of information are recorded and able to be retrieved according to pre-determined variables. When a final program is completed, we can replay volume changes, eq changes, and even produce varying amounts of harmonic content. In addition, before and after recording this data in a form that is read by the engine, we can determine what we want control over. It is possible to record the dynamic depth of things like console channels and mic preamps with just a few decibels of change, or with a full 50-60dB dynamic range, and in whatever size steps we wish. This measures the spectrum of each volume, and any number of true harmonics up to several orders.

NICE EQ is an example of what can be done with this technology even outside of the Nebula Plug-In. By using the same technological concept, a new graphical interface can be developed to control only the parameters desired for a Plug-In concept. Although this technology is new and extremely advanced, it is not an untested or unknown item, as Acustica Audio has over 12,000 registered members and growing, who have at least taken interest in the free version of Nebula, many of whom make up one of the most supportive and enthusiastic user bases any technology developer of any size could ever hope for.

Giancarlo of Acustica Audio has made a reputation for himself as an incredibly kind, intelligent, talented, and brilliant person. He is as forward-thinking as he is humble. Bugs and issues over the years have often been tackled within hours of reports, and major technical hurdles have been overcome in remarkable time, making for one of the most widely tested program concepts possible. He has extended the usability to eventually cover everything from 64 bit processing to Mac compatibility, use with RTAS, and even off-loading processing power to the NVidia CUDA graphic card and fully-optimized server-based solutions for larger studios. As you can tell, CDSoundMaster is a huge supporter of everything that Giancarlo has achieved with his work, and it makes us proud to put the NICE EQ face to this successful technology.


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I truly hope that you enjoy NICE EQ VST.

Thanks and God Bless You.
Michael Angel