CDSoundMaster Music Recording Software

CDSoundMaster music software allows you to use the finest analog equipment directly inside your DAW. When you buy vst plugins from CDS, you are working with the most realistic music recording software that exists.

Punch VCA
Audio Plug-In

Punch VCA Compressor

"Punch VCA" is an original CDS VCA design. Tight and Warm Compression Modes cover an incredible range of mixing tasks.
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Audio Plug-In

VTMC-M2 - Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor

"VTMC-M2" is a classic Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor. Two classic compression modes and three tube coloration processes with full wet/dry control.
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Audio Plug-In

Warm Tube Buss Compressor

"WTBC" is an original CDS creation, providing a special design that gives a range of use for smooth, bold, larger-than-life buss mixing tasks.
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R2R Audio Plug-In

R2R - The Essential Analog Tape Collection

"R2R - The Essential Analog Tape Collection" is like a virtual living museum of reel to reel tape recorders, featuring world class machines, early '50's tube designs, consumer favorites and producer 'secret weapons'.
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APEX Audio Plug-In

The APEX Tape Collection

The best solid state and vacuum tube tape machines from APEX, all in one massive Plug-In Suite.
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Tape Booster
Plus Audio Plug-In

Tape Booster Plus Audio Plug-In

"Tape Booster Plus" uses the same V.V.K.T. process as R2R and is designed to work on its own, but especially with R2R you can record with stunning tape saturation gain and increase perceived volume without any harm to peaks.
Tape Booster Plus Information

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"VTM-M2" is the Ultimate Vintage Tape Machine for authentic, World-Class Saturating Tape Compression. Two calibration modes and unmatched quality for tracking, mixing, and mastering to tape.
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"N-TEN-AT4" Plug-In Suite Is THE Classic British Console Channel Strip.
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Nice EQ
Audio Plug-In

Nice EQ

"Nice EQ" Brings You Two Plug-Ins: Solid State and Vacuum Tube versions.
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With the Classic Consoles you can track or mix through rare specialty console vst plugins chosen specifically for their unique audio qualities. Pick and choose the consoles that are right for you.
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The Vintage Tube
Collection Audio

The Vintage Tube Collection

"The Vintage Tube Collection" Provides the user with music software that performs identical to a rare collection of the finest vacuum tubes to process your recordings with pure tube analog tone.
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The Tube Booster
Audio Plug-In

The Tube Booster

"The Tube Booster" uses the same V.V.K.T. process as The Vintage Tube Collection and is designed to work on its own, but especially with Vintage Tube Collection to provide stunning tube saturation gain and increase perceived volume without any harm to peaks.
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Audio Plug-In

FET 76

"FET 76" faithfully represents the electronics signal path. Use FET 76 with your choice of 1176 emulator plug-in for better realism.
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