CDSoundMaster Music Recording Software

CDSoundMaster music software allows you to use the finest analog equipment directly inside your DAW. When you buy vst plugins from CDS, you are working with the most realistic music recording software that exists.

  • R2R Audio Plug-In
    R2R - The Essential Analog Tape Collection

    R2R is like a virtual living museum of reel to reel tape recorders, featuring world class machines, early '50's tube designs, consumer favorites and producer 'secret weapons.'

  • APEX Audio Plug-In
    The APEX Tape Collection

    The Apex Tape Collection provides famous solid state and vacuum tube tape machines, all from the "APEX" line, in one massive Plug-In Suite. "APEX" is the perfect complement to "R2R" for analog tape directly inside your DAW.

  • TB+ Audio Plug-In
    Tape Booster Plus Audio Plug-In

    Tape Booster Plus uses the same V.V.K.T. process as R2R and APEX. TB+ can be used on its own or with R2R or APEX, for stunning tape saturation gain and increase perceived volume without any harm to peaks.

  • VTM-M2 Audio Plug-In
    VTM-M2 - The Vintage Tape Machine

    VTM-M2 is the Ultimate Vintage Tape Machine for authentic, World-Class Saturating Tape Compression, using our very own, unique Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology. The VTM-M2 brings you two calibration modes and unmatched quality for tracking, mixing, and mastering to tape. VTM-M2 is the perfect vintage Tape Machine.

  • VTMC-M2 Audio Plug-In
    VTMC-M2 - Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor

    VTMC-M2 is an original, classic Vintage inspired Tube Mastering Compressor. The VTMC-M2 shares our same unparalleld technology as the VTM-M2, The VTMC-M2 has two classic compression modes and three tube coloration processes with full wet/dry control.

  • BRTC-M2 Audio Plug-In
    BRTC-M2 - The Big Round Tube Compressor

    BRTC-M2 is a classic Vintage Tube Track/Buss Compressor. BRTC-M2 is the perfect complement to the VTMC-M2, with a focus on compressing virtually all individual instrument tracks. Two classic compression modes and three tube coloration processes with full wet/dry control.

  • N-TEN-AT4 Audio Plug-In

    The N-TEN-AT4 is THE Classic British Console EQ and Channel Strip. This is the absolute, authentic, vintage British Mixing Console Channel, and not just the EQ. The entire signal chain of the real 70's console channel provides subtle saturation and wonderful analog warmth to the signal. Every EQ setting is faithfully reproduced, along with special modules dedicated to precise detail of the electronics signal chain.

  • The Cooltec MEQ-5 Audio Plug-In
    The Cooltec MEQ-5

    The Cooltec MEQ-5 is the world's best Mid Range Program Equalizer. Nothing beats the huge, warm, bold tone of a "Cooltec," the standard by which all Mid Range EQ Program Equalizers have been held, and remains the undisputed champion of "Cooltec" Mid Range EQ's! The MEQ-5 is the original vintage all vacuum tube inductor-based Mid Range Equalizer with massive classic "Cooltec" transformers and a huge sound.

  • Nice EQ Audio Plug-In
    Nice EQ

    The Nice EQ Brings You Two Plug-Ins: Solid State and Vacuum Tube versions. The Nice EQ is a famous dual-topology EQ with two completely independent signal paths. The solid state signal path is clean, polished silky, and favored for its wide open highs. The vacuum tube is the most musically dimensional EQ of any design available. Both sides are perfect for the finest mastering work but useful enough for daily mixing use.

  • Peak 200A Audio Plug-In
    The Peak 200A EQ

    The Peak 200A is among the world'd finest program equalizers ever made, and the rare "A" version is the best version ever designed. It has earned its place in audio history by joining Vacuum Tube and Solid State elements of classic Pultec inspired Tube Equalizers Solid State amplification, resulting in their own unique design that is larger-than-life, expressive, and contains all of the details that one hopes to hear in a truly world-class Program Equalizer.

  • Q8 Audio Plug-In
    Q8 444X

    Q8 444X is a classic vintage channel strip from this original top-of-the-line "Q8" mixing console. The Q8 let's you mix your music through the complete electronics and eq of this amazing and unique console. This console was designed to be the ultimate iteration of this beloved model as a super-console for film studio installations, with an extended EQ section that covers every mix scenario. Turn your DAW into the real sound of analog.

  • Classic Console Plug-Ins
    Classic Console Audio Plug-Ins

    With the Classic Consoles you can track or mix through rare specialty console plugins chosen specifically for their unique audio qualities. It is time to take your sterile digital mixing environment to the into the world of true analog sound. Pick and choose the consoles that are right for you. With CDS Classic Consoles, you can literally transform your Digital Audio Workstation into a vintage analog mixing console.

  • Fast Fet Audio Plug-In
    FAST FET Compressor

    FAST FET is an original CDS FET design Inspired by a Classic Blackface "76" Limiting Amplifier. It is a completely original design by CDS, based on the real analog device, with optimizations and special sonic qualities that make The FAST FET a completely unique device. Four separate timing modes inspired by the original real hardware, with a new standard in sound and optimization make the FAST FET a new 'classic.'

  • THE 76 FET Audio Plug-In
    76 FET Electronics Emulator

    The 76 FET Limiting Amplifier Electronics Signal Path Emulator is a perfect complement to the FAST FET Compressor and also your favorite "76" Limiting Amplifier software emulator plug-in. The 76 FET is not a compressor like the FAST FET, but rather can be used along with your compressor, enhancing the signal with the analog hardware's real, advanced frequencies and harmonics.

  • Punch VCA Audio Plug-In
    Punch VCA Compressor

    Punch VCA is an original CDS VCA design. Analog VCA Compressors are known for their punchy, natural response, with powerful attack or bold, smooth buss-mixing. Punch VCA provides tight and Warm Compression Modes for all of your mixing tasks. This is a "must have" audio plug-in, as it captures the best aspects of VCA compressors while raising the bar with its own unique design.

  • WTBC Audio Plug-In
    Warm Tube Buss Compressor

    The WTBC is our Warm Tube Buss Compressor. It is an original CDS creation, providing a special design that gives a range of use for smooth, bold, larger-than-life buss mixing tasks. The WTBC provides unique setting based on fixed attack/release and also the same settings with unique, custom-tailored High Pass internal side-chain for an even smoother vacuum tube response when desired. The Warm Tube Buss Compressor is a must-have original with an undeniable classic tone.

  • Vintage Tube Collection
    Vintage Tube collection Audio Plug-Ins

    The Vintage Tube Collection Provides you special access to our personal collection of the world's finest vacuum tubes. We created our own hardware device especially to make it possible to record through the absolute pure sound of classic vacuum tubes. Use a vintage Mullard from the Blackburn Plant, an Amperex Bugle Boy, and many others to process your recordings with pure tube analog tone.

  • Tube Boost Audio Plug-In
    Tube Booster

    The Tube Booster uses the same V.V.K.T. process as The Vintage Tube Collection. Tube Booster can be used on its own, but it is a completely unique vacuum tube design, made to work with your individually chosen vintage tubes in the Vintage Tube Collection, increasing the amount of gain that is coming from real harmonic distortion. Use this extra, incredibly dimensional, subtle, sophisticated boost without causing any harm to your transients. It is time for you to experience the beauty of customized vintage tube sound.