Michael Angel, Composer, Software Developer, Mastering Engineer



I am a Mastering Engineer. My Studio is called Angel Lofte Studio. I am also a professional visual artist, music producer, and composer. I write original music in full album form, music for soundtracks, and I compose original Contemporary Christian and Worship and Praise music with my wife Sharon.
I have been involved in music my entire life. I have toured all over the United States, Europe, Yugoslavia, Mexico with the Atlanta Boy Choir and Men’s Chorus, and with the Capitol City Opera Company. I have had the honor of singing and field drum credits with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, with Conductor Robert Shaw, under the Direction of Fletcher Wolfe. The recording of this performance of Brittens’ War Requiem was released on the Telarc label, where we received a Grammy in 1989 for Best Choral Performance. I am a classically trained 2nd Bass Vocalist, Drummer, and have studied Piano, and also love playing the guitar.
I began professional music production and recording in the early ’90s. I established my first Music Publishing Firm and Record Label in 1994 and have over 550 songs published with BMI, and have recorded and produced over 35 original albums. I have had song placement on radio in the U.S. and in Canada, Europe, and other territories, placed my music with Muzak, and several Television and Cable programs. Some of my own works along with songs that I produced, recorded, and promoted for clients, have been in the Independent music Top40 radio charts and have been heard in Movie Theatres around the U.S. on MovieTunes. From the period of 1993 to 1997 I developed a friendship with Barry Diament, who mastered our first band release in 1994. I learned a great deal about the process during this time. This friendship and mentoring process inspired me to learn everything that there was to know about mastering CD’s. I officially began mastering projects professionally for others in 1997.
I have a passion for Mastering CD’s for clients in a wide range of music genres, and have worked with classical live recordings, rock, solo instrument, hip hop, and just about everything in between. My mastering clients include Grammy Award Winning musicians, independent artists who have been heard world-wide, and local talent. Currently, I selectively record, mix, and master Contemporary Christian & Worship and Praise music, and a wide range of genres of music that emphasize giving the Glory to God.
I am always interested in discussing music, recording, and mixing, and invite your emails for anything that can help improve the final outcome of your recordings. My personal focus and devotion is to music of any genre that glorifies God. This is what inspires me to strive for the utmost in excellence in my craft above all else. »
Our software is based upon various, advanced technologies. We employ different forms of research, conceptualization, and implementation in order to obtain the maximum recording quality in our unique products. From V.V.K.T. used in Acustica Audio’s Nebula Pro Plug-In to our very own Virtual Signal Chain Technology and virtualized sample-based instruments, we make the most of the advances that exist and develop our own to open new frontiers in audio.


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