Classic Consoles VST


With the Classic Consoles you can track or mix through rare specialty console plugins chosen specifically for their unique audio qualities. It is time to take your sterile digital mixing environment into the world of true analog sound. Pick and choose the consoles that are right for you. With CDS Classic Consoles, you can literally transform your Digital Audio Workstation into a vintage analog mixing console.

Classic Consoles

    The Globe Console Audio Plug-In

    The Globe Console is a fully restored, original 70’s console with one of the richest, smoothest sounding audio paths ever created.
    The Globe Console Information

    The MCI JH 536 Console Audio Plug-In

    This completely original 1975 MCI Console is the favorite of the MCI 500 series, and is now yours to use on all of your mixes!
    The MCI JH 536 Console Information

    The Vintage BBC Console Audio Plug-In

    The Vintage BBC Console is a completely one-of-a-kind, custom console, built from the ground up, customized for the BBC in the late 1970’s.
    The Vintage BBC Console Information

    Custom British Recording Console Audio Plug-In

    The Custom British Recording Console is the only one of its kind, created in the late 70’s for the BBC by a small company in Yorkshire, England.
    Custom British Recording Console Information

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