Cooltec MEQ-5 VST


    THE COOLTEC MEQ-5 MID-RANGE PROGRAM EQUALIZER VST allows you to record through an original, fully restored, vintage ‘Cooltec’ MEQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer. This MEQ-5 is one of the most well-known and sought after devices in analog recording. It is an all-tube passive unit with massive Triad Transformers and classic Vacuum Tubes and all original parts, inductors, and everything in between.

    The original analog vacuum tube hardware program equalizer that inspires this music software VST Plug-In was created for the range of frequencies from low mids to upper mids. It utilizes a low-mid “Peak” range of frequencies with a separate gain knob marked from 1-10, followed by a “Dip” eq dial for all frequencies that can be reduced, with its own gain reduction dial from 1-10, and a second “Peak” dial for upper mids and its own gain boost dial from 1-10. I have made these functions even more simplified by making a single “Peak”dial that includes all frequencies at once!

    You are also provided with a Plug-in instance that makes the famous “boost/cut” effect that the ‘Cooltec’ is famous for even easier to achieve. Only frequencies that share peak and dip selectors are combined into simultaneous boost and cut in a Plug-in that combines this feature into a single selector knob. You are also provided with signal electronics settings in a single Plug-in that lets you load the ‘Cooltec’ just for the special, unique tube and transformer sound, focusing all cpu on 10 orders of harmonics at multiple dynamic layers.

    Price: $79

    32 Bit – Buy Now! 64 Bit – Buy Now!

    Please read the manual for full details.

    I hope that you enjoy using this incredible classic Mid-Range Program Equalizer.

    God Bless You,

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