Cooltec EQP-1A3S

Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)

The “COOLTEC EQP-1A3S” for Nebula Pro faithfully reproduces all aspects of the hardware eq’s character. This is one of the most sought after, rare, original Pultec EQ’s, and we believe that you will find the sound lives up to its acclaim.
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Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)

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We are pleased to present this classic, vintage, authentic, original “Cooltec” EQP-1A3S Solid State Program EQ. This Silver-Face Classic is the original passive design created by Pulse Technologies, utilizing an API 2520 op-amp for make-up gain and original transformers which many consider the heart of the unit’s distinct sound. Technically, this unit may be known as a “1A3” or a “1A3S”. The verdict is out on whether the “S” is a revision, or is supposed to represent “Solid State” or “Silver” finish.

There are all-tube, hybrid tube/solid state, and all solid state versions of the 1A3 and the 1A3S. Since we know this unit to be solid state, we are choosing to include the “S” in its title for your own reference. All that you need to know about the unit is that this is THE eq that has made Pultec famous for perfect high end sweetening, along with the tube version, PEQ, and EQP1 and EQP1A. These have become so revered for their punchy, deep impact on bass that they are even more rare now than the blue face models. The only one we’ve seen for sale recently was over $4000, and some have spent more than $12,500 for matched buss pairs.

All boost and cut options are provided in this rare Nebula program collection, along with many combinations that provide multiple instant “Q” widths, separate programs of interpolation, settings in-between the fixed frequencies to bring options not available on the original unit, and preamp programs to finally bring the wonderful sound of the original Pultec eq inside the Nebula engine! And yes, it is true, that simply passing your tracks through this either in eq mode or as a preamp, does enhance tracks with a subtle, beautiful quality unlike any other design. And also, yes we have created programs specifically for creating the famous Pultec “Boost/Cut” low end.

As you know, each eq release that we decide to provide is chosen very carefully for its uniqueness, its importance in the history of recording, its quality sound, and also its balance in how it will benefit your recording, mixing, and mastering work along with other eq options available. The Peak EQ is another classic program eq that is inspired by this “Cooltec” and the all-tube version of this “Cooltec”. Programs in The Peak were carefully chosen to provide a perfect balance for those who wish to embrace the subtle sonic differences and similarities between units of similar design. Where the Peak is a tube design with a discrete solid state balanced output, the “Cooltec” is an all original solid state design. Other program eq’s that follow will always be optimized so that each is a perfect compliment to the exact coloration that you may wish to use for each individual track. Having stated this fact, we can concur with the common opinion of other world famous engineers that have used this particular EQP-1A3S, that it is one of the most spectacular sounding examples of the true classic Pultec that we’ve heard. When compared to the same blue and silver-face issues that are either hybrid tube designs or all-tube designs, the only subtle sonic signature of notice is that the solid state tends to be a bit tighter and punchier on the extreme lows, but has the equal depth and ‘reach’ that is simply stunning.

Special Note: About the Audio Demos: “20HZ-FLAT-P-N.mp3” is flat, then the Pultec hardware, followed by the Nebula version. “100-BOOST-CUT-P-N.mp3” is the Pultec hardware followed by the Nebula version. We hope that you will find this treasure to be a welcome addition to your collection of programs and find it useful on everything from sweetening high end to warming vocals and tightening bass response.

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