Custom Shop Buss VCA Compressor 1 for NEBULA PRO

Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)

The Artisan Series is a unique collection of program design concepts from CDS Owner/Founder Michael Angel.

Custom Shop Buss VCA Compressor 1 for NEBULA PRO

    The Custom Shop Buss VCA Compressor 1 for NEBULA PRO consists of 4 programs: You will find these under CDS>CMP>CC1, all sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz 48kHz and 88.2kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula Pro. They are designed to be used with the Reverb instance.

    The Custom Shop Buss VCA Compressor 1 for Nebula Pro is a unique, completely one-of-a-kind buss compressor with a lot of VCA attitude and a unique fine-tuned sound that is unlike any other. It hearkens back to the classic original dbx sound, and was custom-built to provide the same fast snap and punch of the original, with a refined response sensor and its own unique grab-and-release effect. This is not a variation of an SSL or DBX track or buss comp, but definitely maintains the kind of qualities one would hope to hear from these giants of industry. This compressor is especially useful for hard rock, metal, aggressive music styles, full drum groups, and individual instrument tracks that need edge and character, like slap bass and picked bass and guitars.

    It makes an incredibly strong statement on individual drums and percussion, and can work for just about any mixing scenario when used with either very shallow threshold and high ratio or vice versa.

    The Custom Shop Buss VCA Compressor 1 for NEBULA PRO

    Price: $49

    Note: You must be a registered commercial Nebula customer to use this Nebula Pro Library Collection.If you are not a registered Nebula Pro user, go to Then, buy the full version of Nebula to use my libraries!
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    I hope that you enjoy using this amazing classic design.

    God Bless You, Michael, CDS.