The Denmark Blue CL1B Tube Compressor FOR NEBULA PRO

The Denmark Blue CL1B Tube Compressor FOR NEBULA PRO

For Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Legacy Plug-Ins)

“The Denmark Blue CL1B Tube Compressor” FOR NEBULA PRO provides you with an amazing sounding tube compressor with a giant sound, incredible range of variation and controls, containing the best analog sound inspired by an analog tube hardware compressor, with a whole new range of options. It has been especially designed for use with the CL1B Preamp Collection where the user wishes to get the most accurate and precise response of the original hardware unit, providing complex multi-layered dynamic frequency and harmonic distortion content. The Denmark Blue can also be used exclusively on its own to provide an incredible range of compression tasks with the unmistakable sound of tubes.

This collection provides the Nebula Pro user with fast, medium, and slow settings with short, medium, and long release options, all based on ms timing. In addition, you have side-chain capability, original “Manual” modes, “Fixed” and “Fixed-Manual” modes as inspired in the original hardware. There are also “Favorite” programs designed to provide the identical response to material as the original hardware, provided as a ‘load it and go’ preset group. There are also a special set of “HPS” programs that allow the user to control the same programs with an internal high pass filter and smoothing rate response that maintains the original attack and release of the original while preventing artifacts when working with source material that contains heavy low frequency content, a large amount of harmonic distortion, has received ample compression before entering the Denmark Blue, or just doesn’t fit the task. These HPS programs represent the use of “High Pass” filtering, which provides a more transparent sound while still providing a wide dynamic range of compression, and the combined adjusted smoothing rate that extends the range of programming to include a wider range of input signals. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a special RMS group of programs that ng unit with a different punch, less fuzz and smoothness, and more emphasis and punch with a tighter response. Whatever the task, the Denmark Blue provides you with an incredible range of classic and modern sounds and features.

“The Denmark Blue CL1B Tube Compressor” FOR NEBULA PROconsists of 221 programs, all sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula Pro.

Price: $59

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Note: You must be a registered commercial Nebula customer to use this Nebula Pro Library Collection. If you are not a registered Nebula user, go to Then, buy the full version of Nebula to use my libraries!
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“The DENMARK BLUE CL1B COMPRESSOR” FOR NEBULA PRO consists of 221 programs: You will find these in your CDSoundMaster “CLB” category.

It is designed to be used with the “Reverb” instance of Nebula Pro.

Programs are sampled at 96kHz and are tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula Pro.

Please read the manual for full details.

I hope that you enjoy using this amazing tube compressor.

God Bless You, Michael, CDS.

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