PUNCH VCA Compressor


Punch VCA is an original CDS VCA design. Analog VCA Compressors are known for their punchy, natural response, with powerful attack or bold, smooth buss-mixing. Punch VCA provides tight and Warm Compression Modes for all of your mixing tasks. This is a “must have” audio plug-in, as it captures the best aspects of VCA compressors while raising the bar with its own unique design.

The “PUNCH VCA Compressor” is an original creation from CDS. The “PUNCH VCA Compressor” provides you with the wonderful fast, colorful, punchy attack of a classic vca compressor.

The “PUNCH VCA Compressor” has been created to give the user an incredible range of use in daily mixing tasks where a classic vca sound is desired. The two separate modes cover a diverse amount of applications, giving the user essentially two complete vca compressors in a single plug-in.

Price: $149