Retro Analog Studio Suite Nebula Pro

Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)

Retro Analog Studio Suite Nebula Pro

    The “Retro Analog Studio Suite” library collection focuses on bringing the high-end, all-analog studio experience to your DAW!

    Price: $39

    “Retro Analog Studio Suite” is a library of presets for the Nebula plug-in. I use this library for my own mixing projects and am pleased to make it available to Nebula users for an extremely low price. I have created this large collection of original programs to provide you with very realistic equalizers, preamps, tape tracks, and compressors, created completely from scratch. What is unique is that the focus is not on individual pieces of gear, but rather in providing the user with authentic complete signal chains modelled after several idealized, All-Analog Studios of the past. The equalizer presets are not only used as eq’s, but as the input of a console sent to it’s individual tape out, return from tape back to console channel, bus to group, and out to 2-track tape. All of this minus unwanted noise and loss of definition. Each part of this signal chain is fed to the following stage, with a very realistic dynamic and harmonic range. The eq’s are accurately positioned in the audio path and affect the outcome of only the signals that follow. All of this flows easily and smoothly, as you simply use the Nebula’s input slider as your input gain pot and channel fader, and all levels follow consequently. Frequency responses, harmonics, and dynamics all work together to provide a stunning high end analog mixing and recording experience! There are 4 categories of presets included:
    RAE: Retro Analog Equalizers RAC: Retro Analog Compressors RAP: Retro Analog Preamps RAT: Retro Analog Tape

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