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    The PUNCH VCA Compressor
    Using The PUNCH VCA Compressor



    Use Right Click "Run As Administrator" to install PUNCH VCA and also when opening your DAW after installation.

    Be sure to choose the correct 32 bit and/or 64 bit folder(s) when installing.
    Open the PUNCH VCA in your DAW and this will generate you SER file, located in the same folder where you installed your PUNCH VCA.
    Email this SER file to CDSoundMaster and we will send your AUT file.
    Paste this AUT file in the same folder as your SER and reload the PUNCH VCA.
    Re-Open the PUNCH VCA and you are ready to go!

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    The PUNCH VCA Compressor

    The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" is an original creation from CDS. The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" provides you with the wonderful fast, colorful, punchy attack of a classic vca compressor.

    The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" has been created to give the user an incredible range of use in daily mixing tasks where a classic vca sound is desired. The two separate modes cover a diverse amount of applications, giving the user essentially two complete vca compressors in a single plug-in.

    In "Tight" mode, the compressor is tight, clean, and punchy (hence the name"Punch!"). The deeper the amount of compression, the more it clamps down on the loudest aspects of the signal, getting tighter, punchier, and crisper.

    In "Warm" mode, the compressor is still punchy, but rounder and defined, clamping down on a wide range of low-to-high mid frequencies, and as compression increases, it is able to lock the signal in place without extreme pumping or breathing.

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    Using The PUNCH VCA Compressor

    The "Drive" Control allows you independent adjustment of the harmonic distortion of the device. Use the drive function to add or subtract the saturation character of the compressor. It is recommended to leave the drive setting alone. If your signal is very low or you have used an extreme amount of compression, you may enjoy increasing the drive, but careful not to increase it a large amount on loud material. If you want to create a mix or master buss with a cleaner signal, you can decrease the drive to place fewer harmonics on top of the original signal.

    The "Make-Up Gain" control allows you to easily restore the overall volume level that may be reduced by the amount of compression applied to the signal.

    The "Threshold" control defines how many decibels will be affected by the depth of the signal being compressed. In a more linear-response compressor, the threshold would begin to have an effect once it is moved from its 0dB position. With the PUNCH VCA, the actual threshold response in reality begins at -24dB. The Ratio of 1:1 remains virtually unaffected until the threshold goes beyond -24dB, at which point it starts to compress at a ratio near 2:1 very gradually. I highly recommend using anything less than a -24dB threshold setting as a signal coloring setting with an extremely small amount of compression.

    The "Ratio" control determines the amount of compression that will occur. Where the threshold determines how many decibels of the recording will receive compression, the ratio determines how much compression will take place. Even though these are two separate parameters, they work together to produce the result. The more depth to the threshold, the more actual decibels will be affected, even at the same ratio. The highe the ratio, the more decibels of compression will occur even at the same threshold.

    To get a feel for the response of this compressor, I recommend seTting the ratio to its highest setting and lowering the threshold to its deepest setting. Now, back off of the ratio until It reaches its most shallow setting. This gives you a very good representation of how the character of the compressor adjusts itself to your music material.

    The "Tight" and "Warm" settings give you use of two unique settings. You are getting essentially two completely original, classic-inspired compressors under a single GUI. When selecting "Tight" mode, the Punch VCA gives a strong, fast, hard attack with lots of presence and personality.

    In "Warm" mode, you still have the same aggressive potential character from the Punch, but it interacts with harmonics and smooth, sustained frequencies in a more colorful and blended manner- giving you an extremely wide palette to use the beautiful complexity of the vca sound.

    The PUNCH VCA Compressor is an original design, based upon my experience working with a wide range of my favorite analog studio gear. The VCA is a recognizable type of compressor known for its quick, snappy, strong personality.

    The character of the Punch VCA is very specific in both of its modes, but it can cover a wide range of music, tracking, and many tasks. This strong personality fits well with many different types of music, and can bring a subtle amount of energy to individual tracks, or it can absolutely snap, crackle, and pop when desired!

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    I truly hope that you enjoy using the Punch VCA.

    Thanks and God Bless You.
    Michael Angel