"Warm Tube Buss Compressor for Windows PC"

    The "Warm Tube Buss Compressor" is an original creation from CDS, providing a special design that gives a range of use for smooth, bold, larger-than-life buss mixing tasks.

    This compressor can be used for individual tracks, but has been uniquely designed to handle the difficult task of combining musical elements together and resolving timing and blending a mix together in an artistic and technically creative manner. The WTBC gives you a range of coloration and control over dynamics, within a set range of timing elements specifically custom-tailored to the needs of the buss mix.

    • WTBC FREE 32 Bit
    • WTBC FREE 64 Bit
      About the WTBC FREE Version. Download, install, load, and go! The WTBC FREE provides you with the FAST 1 and FAST 1 High Pass programs without any limitation. Use only the top two Button Controls on the WTBC FREE. Only the FAST1 and FAST1 HP Programs are operable on the WTBC FREE version. If you choose any other buttons on the FREE version, the Compressor will not function.
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    Price: $149
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    Please read the manual for full details.

    I hope that you enjoy using this unique compressor.

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