ACQ 560 - The American Classic EQ for Nebula Pro

    ACQ 560 - The American Classic EQ for Nebula Pro - provides you with one of the world's finest EQ's in a unique selection of 26 Programs designed to give you an amazing range of flexibility for use in the Nebula Pro Plug-In.

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    "ACQ 560 - The American Classic EQ for Nebula Pro": This remarkable classic EQ was first designed in 1967 as a unique Mixing Console EQ module. It is a Graphic EQ, but it performs like an all-in-one Console EQ. At lower volumes it is an extremely wide band EQ, and as it increases in volume, it narrows to a beautifully perfect narrow arch. The result is smooth, warm, rich, and everything that you would expect from the American Classic. Get the ACQ 560 and take control of your individual tracks, mixes, and even your main buss with the confidence of this timeless EQ.