CDS Virtual Instruments

    • CDSoundMaster Owner Michael Angel puts his professional soundtrack Composition and Sound Design experience to work with his virtual Instrument designs. Included is CDSoundMaster's "Cinematic Expressions" line of Virtual Instruments that are useful for a multitude of music styles, but are specifically tailored for use in composing film scores and cinematic trailer music.

      • ACTION! Sampler
        ACTION! Sampler

        The ACTION! Sampler is a virtual instrument and loop collection from CDSoundMaster's "Cinematic Expressions" series of Virtual Instruments. ACTION! centers around the, you guessed it, Action genre of film music, providing you with original loops and instruments to ignite your Action Soundtrack compositions

      • Monumental Drums
        Monumental Drums

        MONUMENTAL DRUMS answers the need for the ultimate Film Score-inspired Drum and Percussion Virtual Instrument. Individual One Shots and Banks of Looped Original Percussion Compositions are designed to complement any music genre. Includes drums recorded to real analog tape.