Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)


Note: The “SONGTEC-MEP-250EX-EQ FOR NEBULA PRO” provides you with the world’s finest clean and versatile mixing and mastering parametric equalizer.

This collection is a suite of 32 programs, providing every setting of the eq in bell and shelf shapes and at 4 “Q” widths, with harmonic distortion and in ‘clean’ mode with all harmonics removed.

Sontec Mastering EQ

The ‘Songtec’ is ruler flat from as low as 8Hz all the way up to over 25kHz within less than 1/10th of 1dB!

It comes from the identical origin as the amazing “GEQ” also available from CDS.

Burgess’ Sontec line is famous for the earliest version of its design, the 230, and the most expensive variation of the 230, the 430.

The early 230 began as a console channel and mix eq which shares the prestige with the GML as being the source of the first parametric equalizer.

The original 230 created under the company name ITI was designed as a clean equalizer that did not require an inductor or other elements in the signal path. It used IC’s for gain and is known for having a more obvious and robust sound and higher distortion as a result.

Sontec Mastering EQ

The 430 is the same lineage as the original 230 with some of the same upgrades as the 250EX. Similar to the GML’s most expensive mastering eq, the high cost of the 430 comes from its detented and repeatable settings and other features like stereo-linked controls and more marked settings. The 250EX, however, is considered the purest and final upgraded version of the series, including the original custom-made op-amps. The 430 is not a better sounding unit: it is sonically identical to the 250EX. By using the 250EX in Nebula Pro, you gain the benefits of the ultimate Sontec, as the settings are repeatable and reliable.

For the flexible shelf eq, settings are in 1dB steps. For the bell shape eq, there are 2dB steps at 12dB, 10dB, 8dB, 6dB, and 4dB. There is a 1dB step from 4dB to 3dB. From 3dB to odB it is measured in 1/2dB.

Sontec Mastering EQ

Use the Songtec for all of your recording needs, from track to mix to mastering. There are other incredible eq’s in the world, but there are none better than the MEP 250EX.

Price: $59

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I hope that you enjoy using this incredible classic compressor.

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