Vintage Tube & Tube Booster Audio Samples

This is a song I wrote for the VTC/TB product video. The first file is a dry mix. The second file is the song after one instance of Mullard VTC and several instances of the Tube Booster.

Song Dry Before

Song Mullard Tube Boosters After

I wrote another, original ‘demonstration’ song called “Valves Of Victory!”. I originally wrote it to demonstrate its use with the tube hardware that is used for processing. The original version still exists on the Source Plus hardware page. The first version is a little more ‘flat’ and the drums a little more mid-range, room, and stereo-heavy. I tightened the dry mix up a little more for this round.

Each part is dry and unprocessed, all played live (drums are BFD triggered live). Bass is electric fretless, guitar is Epi Les Paul Studio w/Line6 and Vox 12″ combo. Piano is EW Grand Sample and strings EWQL Silver.

For the sake of keeping things equal for presentation, the levels were set for the ‘dry’ version. When rendered with tubes, levels were then set to the same max peak levels. For aesthetic purposes, my choices in mixing would be different once the benefits of tubes and better average levels were in place, but for the sake of procedure, the tracks are set to exact levels of the original session. So, things that have more ambience and sustain, like bass and string, may have more ‘oomph’ in the Tube Booster mix. Also, two instances of Tube Booster were used on each track, even though I would have chosen varying amounts if this were not for comparison. Even more so, the biggest benefits can come when other eq, compression, and final 2 track effects are added in, so this is literally an example of using nothing but a single Mullard from the VTC 2.0 and then Tube Booster, in two separate examples.

‘Valves Of Victory’ Dry Mix

‘Valves Of Victory’ with a single Mullard M8136 on each track

‘Valves Of Victory’ with two instances on individual tracks and one light instance on mix

Bass Guitar Dry and With Tube Booster

Drums Dry and With Tube Booster

Drums and Bass Dry and With Tube Booster

Guitar Dry and With Tube Booster

Song Sample Dry and With Tube Booster