CDS News- Big Update & Big Savings for You

Big Updates… Big Savings

CDS is Classically Defined Sound

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, but nevertheless I hear from so many of you via email every day and find encouragement and anticipation for such a time as this. Thank you so much for your friendship and loyalty!

I share 3 big announcements with you and ask for you to be sure to use the links at the end of the newsletter to come join me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. I plan to reach out and interact directly with all of you through those channels.

If you don’t do social media, it’s quickest to reach me at

Announcement #1:

Website Re-Launch! In the process of making updates to the website, I realized the formatting updates were not going to translate well to all mobile formats, so it took a full re-write. It is finished! The old site was under a sub-directory. See the new website now by going to:

Please let others know to go there as well if you’ve found something of CDS that you like.

Of note to Nebula Program Library users: there are a couple of libraries that you may not have been aware of, as they were not fully updated on the old site.

There are two ‘American Classic’ EQ’s: You’ll see these at the top of the newly organized classic EQ’s list, as the 550A and the 560:

The other item is the first in my line of “Artisan Series” Program Libraries, which had already been released but had not made the last site update: (it sounds really cool and is my custom phaser-sounding filters I designed for automation- sweet!).

I think you’ll find the new site on whole easier to navigate and better to operate on smart phone, tablet, touch screen etc.

Announcement #2:

New Content & Programs Coming!

Truly, a LOT has been happening behind the scenes, and instead of trying to cover it all here, I’m going to be sharing new live stream videos!!! If you’re around when I stream live, join in and chat live! And, of course they’ll all be available as videos to watch at your convenience.

I’ll start by using them as a catch-up and sharing the vision of things to come. There are numerous projects that have been in development and are not too far off from completion, so I’ll start rolling them out soon. There’s much to look forward to!

Announcement #3:

The Big, Big Savings

Here in the ‘States’, it’s a holiday weekend. For the rest of the world, celebrate anyway, as I’m going to do a fun combo discount for everyone to take advantage of!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to load up on CDS libraries or VST’s, now is the right time to jump! If you’re not sure what you want or need a different kind of discount; write me. Again, now is the time to get an even bigger deal; strike while the iron’s hot! So, here’s the Big Discount Promotion: From now until Tuesday, May 28 2019…

The More You Buy, The More You Save: ***

Buy 3 CDS programs/plug-ins, get 30% Off

Buy 4-6 CDS programs/plug-ins, get 50% Off

Buy 7 or More CDS programs/plug-ins, get 60% Off

Yes, it is after your $10 customer discount!

*** VTM-M2, BRTC-M2, VTMC-M2 only $99 Each. On a technical note; all VST’s are 32/64 Bit for PC and 32 Bit VST only for Mac. Some VST’s are PC only. We do actually have a lot of Mac customers, many who have found great success using with DDMF Metaplugin and JBridge, but just be aware I’m best set up to help make sure everything runs correctly on Windows overall.

Come join me now! The Social Links Ahhh- here they are.
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New stuff right around the corner.

God bless you all, and excited to stir things up this Summer.

Oh Yeah!

Michael Angel
Classically Defined Sound