Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)


    The “ARTISAN SERIES TRI-FILTER 1” FOR NEBULA PRO is the first in CDSoundMaster’s collection of unique, custom sound sculpting programs.

    This collection provides the Nebula Pro user with a stunning analog wide Mid-Range Equalizer that has been processed using multiple simultaneous bell-shaped filters, boosting and cutting at the same time. These sympathetic frequencies provide a unique re-shaping of the signal. This process is then recorded to a high end tape machine at 15 IPS for the Hi Fi program, and a 1950’s tube tape machine for the Lo Fi program.

    This unique design is over a decade in the making. The Artisan Series is a unique collection of program design concepts from CDS Owner/Founder Michael Angel.

    The Tri Filter 1 is designed to give an incredible, flexible, creative control over the signal. Two peak bell-shaped filters surround a center cut frequency with a wide bell resonance added that pulls the shape into a smooth, unified tone. Use this as a creative tonal control, with a minimal shape or a tall resonant peak with a smooth scaling at all frequencies from 250Hz to 5kHz. In addition to using the TF-1 as a unique multi-shaped Equalizer, it can also be used to sweep tones with full control over the rate, frequency, and resonance in live automation. The rich tones remind the user of the finest vintage analog phaser and comb filtering flange effects, but the unique design eliminates harsh frequencies usually associated with these effects.

    “ARTISAN SERIES TRI-FILTER 1” FOR NEBULA PROconsists of 4 programs, all sampled at 96kHz and tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula Pro.

    Price: $39

    Note: You must be a registered commercial Nebula customer to use this Nebula Pro Library Collection. If you are not a registered Nebula user, go to Then, buy the full version of Nebula to use my libraries!
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    “ARTISAN SERIES TRI-FILTER 1” FOR NEBULA PRO consists of 4 programs: You will find these in your CDSoundMaster “CDS>ART>TF1” category.

    It is designed to be used with the “Reverb” instance of Nebula Pro.

    Programs are sampled at 96kHz and are tested to retain accuracy at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates with the latest version of Nebula Pro.

    Please read the manual for full details.

    I hope that you enjoy using this amazing classic design.

    God Bless You, Michael, CDS.

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