Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)

audio software Pultec EQ

“THE COOLTEC3 MAVEC VACUUM TUBE RECORDING CHANNEL AND EQ” FOR NEBULA PRO allows you to record through this absolutely priceless, all-original, vintage Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp and Instrument/Vocal Equalizer Recording Channel from Pulse Techniques. This Pultec Mavec is one of the rarest icons in recording history, and is one of the most beautiful sounding recording devices ever to exist!

The Pultec Mavec has been especially designed to record and EQ instruments and vocals. The Mavec Preamp is permanently in the “on” position. The Preamp signal directly feeds the EQ section. The Low Frequencies are set at a Low Shelf, from flat to variable gain Boost control. The Low Shelf also has 5 fixed Attenuation positions: The first position is “Off”, with “A” beginning at roughly 200Hz, “B” beginning at roughly 300Hz, “C” at roughly 1kHz, and “D”at roughly 2kHz. The lowest point in the slope is at 0Hz, at -20dB at “A”, -25dB at “B”, -30dB at “C”, and -37dB at “D”.

recording software Pultec Mavec EQ

The High EQ has 5 fixed Frequencies: 2kHz, 3kHz, 5kHz, 8kHz, and 15kHz.
Each of these Frequencies have a variable boost. 
2kHz is a wide Bell EQ.
3kHz, 5kHz and 8kHz are medium width Bell EQ’s. 15kHz is a narrow Bell EQ.
All of these settings have a distinctive slope at the edge of the spectrum around 20kHz.

audio recording software Pultec Mavec Microphone Preamp EQ

The Mavec has a special High EQ section that is unique to any other processor of its type, called Sibilance. The original unit has Attenuation and Cut processes. For consistency in utilization inside Nebula Pro, the naming of these two functions have been reversed, so that the “Attenuation” process has fixed settings for High EQ detail similar to those that we find in the Low EQ section. The “Cut” feature for High EQ Sibilance is variable gain High Shelf Cut, starting around 1kHz, with a total or -25dB Cut.

music software Pultec Equalizer
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