Nebula Pro (N4 Commercial or Nebula 3 Commercial Legacy Plug-Ins)


    The “GTR VTQ AC15 EQ” FOR NEBULA PRO provides you with the EQ section of the AC15 Guitar Combo Amp from the World’s Finest emulating Combo Amp, the Vox AD60VTX.

    Use this EQ in your Guitar processing chain in any combination that you wish. You now have control over the EQ circuit design of the amazing AC15 from the effects loop, bypassing the output stage and speaker cabinet.

    This program library has been created for use with the
    GTR VTX Collection,
    but it can be used with any choice of your favorite Guitar processing plug-ins.

    Use this EQ after the preamp section of your Guitar Amp of choice, or you can use an entire Combo emulation after the EQ. The shape of the AC15 Combo Amp Freqeuency when flat, allows you to place the EQ in the chain without harming the spectrum. With the GTR VTX AC15, you can place the EQ ahead of the Cabinet miked program or the Cabinet emulated program, and you can also place it in between an effect-pedal program and a cabinet emulated-or-miked program to EQ your Guitar input after an effect pedal but before your final process. The purest option is to choose one full chain program after EQ. Use your own external distortion or overdrive before the EQ for the most traditional results. Use EQ before distortion or Overdrive to come up with unique tones that are less common.

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      Price: $39

      Note: You must be a registered commercial Nebula customer to use this Nebula Pro Library Collection. If you are not a registered Nebula user, go to Then, buy the full version of Nebula to use my libraries!
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      Please read the manual for full details.

      I hope that you enjoy using this incredible classic compressor.

      God Bless You,

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