N-TEN-AT4 Console Channel Strip MAC VST 32 Bit

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N-TEN-AT4 VST Vintage Console Channel Strip Plug-In Suite

    Note: for 64 Bit Mac Use, users have had luck with JBridge, DDMF Metaplugin and other true wrappers. Sorry, there is not currently a 64 Bit Mac update.
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    This is a fully functional, full quality version of the plug-in with fewer eq choices and less +/- gain.

    We HIGHLY recommend trying the N-TEN-AT4 FREE Mac version to make sure that it works with your system. N-TEN-AT4 MAC VST has been tested on multiple hosts and platforms, and should work with any major software host. Please follow the instructions carefully, and read the included documents.

    First Time Use;

    Make sure that you install the Acqua Host Installer Before using N-TEN-AT4 for Mac:

  • Acqua_Host_Installer

    To use as an AU, make sure to use the following link and follow all instructions:

  • VSTAU_Manager



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    "N-TEN-AT4 VST Vintage Console Channel Strip Plug-In Suite" is a collection of Six VST Audio Plug-Ins created for use with any Windows or Mac audio host. Represented in this collection is the absolute, authentic vintage British mixing console; not just the eq, but the entire channel from input transformers to inductor eq to transistors to output transformer. You can gently drive the saturation level or keep it clean. Use any instance on as many channels as your DAW/cpu allows and automate an extremely accurate vintage console right inside your DAW.

    "N-TEN-AT4 VST" is created at 96kHz with sound data all the way down to 0Hz and higher than 23000Hz! If you are working at 96kHz, the Plug-In will open the quickest, as it does not have to convert to a different rate.

    There are six plug-ins included in this collection. They are named as follows:

    High/Low Cut
    Narrow Bell EQ
    Regular Bell EQ
    Preamp – EQ In
    Preamp – EQ Out
    High/Low Shelf

    To load these programs directly from your host according to their "dll" or plug-in name, use the following:

    N-TEN-AT4 VST Features

    • Acqua Stand Alone VST Plug-In for MAC VST Audio Platform, featuring V.V.K.T. advanced sound engine
    • True harmonic content that changes with every frequency and gain value
    • Dynamic audio processing and 96kHz Actual Sample Rate with unmatched conversion quality to different rates
    • Easy Authorization Process
    • Compatible with MAC VST Hosts and AU via the VSTAU Manager

    System Requirements – Specifications

    MAC VST :
    MAC with a VST or AU host, and an audio interface with sample rates from 44 kHz to 192 kHz. Preferred sample rate is 96kHz with unrivaled internal conversion to other rates.

    Authorization :
    -Serial File/Authorization File

    Sample Rates :
    – Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported

    N-TEN-AT4 Visualization Graphs

    High/Low Cut

    Narrow Bell EQ

    Regular Bell EQ

    Preamp – EQ In

    Preamp – EQ Out

    High/Low Shelf

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