Reel Too Real VST Plugin and Tape Booster Plus Audio Plugin Bundle (For Macintosh)


Download Reel too Real VST Plugin and Tape Booster Plus Audio Plugin and save! Get this combo pack and save with our special bundle price!

If you’re looking for that unique sound that only tape machines can produce, the Reel TOO Real (R2R) Audio Plugin Suite is what you’ve been looking for. Get your MAC 32 Bit VST Download today!

Note: For 64 Bit Mac Use, users have had luck with JBridge, DDMF Metaplugin and other true wrappers. Sorry, there is not currently a 64 Bit Mac update.

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This plugin collection will transform any song mix and emulate the sound of the tape machine model you choose, from 24 track 2 inch multi-track tape machines to vintage 1950’s vacuum tube tape machines, including two-track mastering Reel to Reel tape machines. The plugin software captures every detail. Frequency spectrum and complex harmonic distortion of world class tape machines are at your finger tips.

Reel TOO Real VST Plugin

Free, Fully Functioning Revox 32 Bit MAC VST. Requires Authorization. Free, Fully Functioning Revox 32 Bit MAC VST. Requires Authorization. This is a fully functional, full quality version of one of the Revox programs. We HIGHLY recommend trying the R2R FREE Mac version to make sure that it works with your system. R2R MAC VST has been tested on multiple hosts and platforms and should work with any major software host. Please follow the instructions carefully, and read the included documents. Requires Authorization. First Time Use; Make sure that you install the Acqua Host Installer Before using R2R for Mac:

To use as an AU, make sure to use the following link and follow all instructions:

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The result of five years of research and development, CDSoundMaster’s Reel TOO Real (R2R) has preserved the quality of analog sound and brought it to the digital domain for everyone to enjoy. The first of its kind, the all-encompassing tape emulation plugin software will give your Digital Audio Workstation a unique edge in your sound mixing and mastering productions.