"PUNCH VCA Compressor"

    The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" is an original creation from CDS. The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" provides you with the wonderful fast, colorful, punchy attack of a classic vca compressor.

    The "PUNCH VCA Compressor" has been created to give the user an incredible range of use in daily mixing tasks where a classic vca sound is desired. The two separate modes cover a diverse amount of applications, giving the user essentially two complete vca compressors in a single plug-in.

    In "Tight" mode, the compressor is tight, clean, and punchy (hence the name"Punch!"). The deeper the amount of compression, the more it clamps down on the loudest aspects of the signal, getting tighter, punchier, and crisper.

    In "Warm" mode, the compressor is still punchy, but rounder and defined, clamping down on a wide range of low-to-high mid frequencies, and as compression increases, it is able to lock the signal in place without extreme pumping or breathing.

    Price: $149
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      I hope that you enjoy using this incredible classic compressor.

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