The Tube Booster Audio Plug-In For MAC 32 Bit VST

The Tube Booster uses the same V.V.K.T. process as The Vintage Tube Collection. Tube Booster can be used on its own, but it is a completely unique vacuum tube design, made to work with your individually chosen vintage tubes in the Vintage Tube Collection, increasing the amount of gain that is coming from real harmonic distortion. Use this extra, incredibly dimensional, subtle, sophisticated boost without causing any harm to your transients. It is time for you to experience the beauty of customized vintage tube sound.

First Time Use;

Make sure that you install the Acqua Host Installer Before using Tube Booster for Mac:

  • Acqua Host Installer
  • To use as an AU, make sure to use the following link and follow all instructions:

  • VST AU Manager
  • Please Read Before Installing!

    Tube Booster MAC VST

    Price: $49

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    Combo- Buy Vintage Tube Collection and Tube Booster Audio Plug-Ins Together And Save!

    Vintage Tube Collection and Tube Booster MAC VST Combo
    Price: $99

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