BRTC-m2 The BRTC-m2 Big Round Tube Compressor



Created by Michael Heiler and Michael Angel – Mx2
BRTC-M2 is a classic Vintage Tube Track/Buss Compressor. BRTC-M2 is the perfect complement to the VTMC-M2, with a focus on compressing virtually all individual instrument tracks. Two classic compression modes and three tube coloration processes with full wet/dry control.

  • Choose either the 32 bit or 64 bit version and not both simultaneously, or you may experience a conflict in scanning within your DAW. On a 64 Bit Windows system, your 32 bit directory path is typically something like: “Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Vstplugins.” Typically, your 64 bit directory looks like: “Program Files/Steinberg/Vstplugins”. Make sure your DAW is closed when installing the update. Log on as administrator, right click ‘run as administrator’ for install and for opening DAW.
  • Manual PDF

Listen to Audio Samples – Special Thanks to Chad Johnson for use of his song
“Half Finished Book” – to demonstrate use of the BRTC-M2 Compressor!
Chad Johnson on SoundCloud



The BRTC-M2 is the third Plug-In designed by Michael Heiler and Michael Angel. The sound system, signal chain, and processing design is an original concept created by Michael Angel that began back in 2005 and took until 2009 to begin implementation. Michael Heiler provided the perfect coding and development partnership to bring this process to fruition in VST Plug-In form. This made for the development team “Mx2” under exclusive release by CDSoundMaster.

This first plug-in by Mx2 was the VTM-M2 Vintage Tape Machine.

The VTMC-M2 Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor is the second release, providing a vintage tube mastering compressor.

Now, after an additional year in development, we are pleased to present the BRTC-M2 Big Round Tube Compressor developed by “Mx2” or “Michael Times Two”. The original concept for the signal chain developed by Michael Angel of CDSoundMaster is called “Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology”, and has been brilliantly executed in code by Michael Heiler. The BRTC is an ideal mixing compressor with 3 custom tube voicing settings and two separate tube compressor response settings.

This unique process provides the most advanced and complex system for recreating analog circuitry with the benefit of using a stream-lined and memory-efficient sound procedure. With very few steps, it is able to generate a more complex response than other algorithmic processes. Every device that is created using the “Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology” is designed in comparison to real analog recording devices for the ultimate in realism and excellence in sound. The name “Big Round Tube Compressor” represents and incredibly complex signal process, sharing a familiar layout design to the VTMC-M2 with a completely unique tube response all its own.


The BRTC-M2 is one of those unique, amazing sounding compressors that will find a place in any mix of any music genre.

The BRTC-M2 is not an emulator of a single specific device. It is built upon years of hands-on knowledge of many different classic devices, each famous for their particular character and capabilities.

The tube design of the BRTC-M2 is a completely original sound, finding its place among the finest in classic recording studio tube devices.

The BRTC-M2 is designed to be a perfect complement to the VTMC-M2. Where both compressors are excellent for mixing tasks and mastering, the VTMC-M2 is specifically voiced for high end mastering with personality, where the BRTC-M2 is optimized for audio mixing with impact; from buss to individual tracks, from vocals to bass guitar, the BRTC-M2 has been carefully constructed to make your tracks come alive!