NICE EQ Audio Plug-In for Windows 32 / 64 bit


The “NICE EQ” brings one of the most sought after hardware eq’s directly to your DAW with amazing accuracy. You are actually working with two unique hardware eq plug-ins, with Solid State and Vacuum Tube versions. Not only is an ultra-realistic analog frequency attribute being performed, but also advanced harmonic content.

The Peak 200A is among the world's finest program equalizers ever made, and the rare “A” version is the best version ever designed. It has earned its place in audio history by joining Vacuum Tube and Solid State elements of classic Pultec inspired Tube Equalizers Solid State amplification, resulting in their own unique design that is larger-than-life, expressive, and contains all of the details that one hopes to hear in a truly world-class Program Equalizer.

NICE EQ is based upon a new sound engine called Acqua, developed by Acustica Audio, creators of the "Powered by Nebula Core II Technology" engine, an advanced form of audio generation called V.V.K.T., or Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology. This allows the Plug-In to reproduce exacting details of analog sound, not just changes in frequency but also harmonic content in the form of live, streaming data.

This is a fully functional, full quality version of the plug-in with fewer eq choices and less +/- gain.
Nice EQ FREE Windows VST 32 Bit

Nice EQ FREE Windows VST 64 Bit

NICE EQ Features

  • Bell-shaped Solid State and Vacuum Tube EQ’s with a unique 1.0 "Q" width, including first order even and odd harmonics, and +/- 20dB of Gain
  • Frequencies included: 100Hz, 250Hz, 750Hz, 1.3kHz, 2.5kHz, 4.8 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 10kHz, 16 kHz, 20kHz, and 25kHz
  • Acqua Stand Alone VST Plug-In for Windows VST Audio Platform, featuring V.V.K.T. advanced sound engine
  • True harmonic content that changes with every frequency and gain value
  • 64 Bit dynamic audio processing and 96kHz Actual Sample Rate with unmatched conversion quality to different rates
  • Easy Authorization Process
  • Compatible with any Windows 32 bit VST Host

System Requirements – Specifications

Windows® VST :
Recommended minimum system is an AMD Dual Core with at least 1 gig ram running Windows 7, XP, Vista (32bit), and an audio interface with sample rates from 44 kHz to 192 kHz. Preferred sample rate is 96kHz with unrivaled internal conversion to other rates.

Now available in x64!

Windows® Sequencers and Editors :
Sequencers and sound editors compatible with VST plug-ins. Most major DAW’s have been tested and approved for compatibility.

Plug-In Format :

Operating System :
– Windows 7 (32bit)(64Bit)
– Windows XP (32bit)(64Bit)
– Windows Vista (32bit)(64Bit)

Authorization :
-Windows 7, XP, Vista (32bit)(64Bit) – Serial File/Authorization File

Sample Rates :
– Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported