CDS Glitch Drums Sample Libraries

      Glitch Drums Sample Libraries

      Glitch music is in my heart.

      One thing about glitch is that the drums often are the constant while the rest of the music goes ballistic. It is one of the most logical music genres to break out and do something amazing with the drums, and yet the drums usually do nothing but hold the beat until a single rise or fall.

      That's the inspiration for this series: let the drums loose in their own yard!

      It's time for the drums to have their fun in Glitch music!!!

      Glitch Drums is going to give you twenty gazillion ideas for your glitch and EDM compositions.

      I played with every idea, rudiment, cut, paste, slice, dips, chips, and paper clips to make these truly phenomonal.

      Glitch Drums is divided into 3 massive volumes, each with over 2 gig of wav files in 24 bit/44.1kHz, each with over 3000 glitch files, loops, and one shots.

      Check out the Audio Demos and choose yours now!

      Glitch Drums Sample Library

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      Glitch Drums Sample Library

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    • V1 Audio Demo
    • V2 Audio Demo
    • V3 Audio Demo
    • Glitch Drums Manual Doc
    • Glitch Drums Manual PDF